Skippy segelt auch in Brasilien!

Vielen Dank an Cássio für die Fotos und den Erfahrungsbericht!


The construction was very simple , I used two and a half plywood 10 mm board, in Brazil we have other size of boards (2.20 m X 1.60 m ) , some amendments were made to take the same measures of the project .
After the join the bottom , sides and stern ; screwed and glued seams with fiberglass and epoxy resin. To ensure greater protection for wood , I applied a layer of thin glass fiber fabric with epoxy resin , ensuring complete waterproofing the wood!

I used a windsurfing carbon mast and an old sail of a Laser that was shortened . The mast height is 3.5 m , increased the sail area too.

It took me about 3 months to build , working only one day a week on weekends .

The assembly of the boat to sail is fast , simple and without major complications , I believe that in less than five minutes the boat is ready to sail !
The boat sails very well , because it is small and light , slides very easily in light winds , also behaves well in high winds and is very easy to sail. The dificildade is that the size of the sailor positioning is very important , being quite sensitive to any movement that is made inside the boat while sailing , boarding landing is also a bit rowdy and requires little training . I did not miss the rudder and daggerboard while sailing . Not yet tested if the boat knock-down or turn , by the fact of not having watertight compartments find it hard to sail back without leaning back on land .

Skippy has proved to be a light , easy boat to sail , and carry, promoting a lot of fun !

Thanks Alex for available the project for free!

Good winds


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